Networking For Christ Web Design
Welcome to Networking for Christ Web Designs home page. My goal is to help as many people
I can to get their business on line and help them advertise that business. I have been in business
for over 5 years, helping those whom wanted to start a home based business or an on line business.
I build websites from scratch by using information given to me by you the client. I will take the information and start right from the bottom up. I add whatever pictures you wish and place them where ever you want them. I put it together following what you deem appropriate to your site. I do all this for a very reasonable price. If you want to see a few of the sites that I have done and still working on then click on the following three links:

New Life Worship Center

The Crystal Parrot


These sites are ones that I have been doing over the last five years. The New Life worship Center site is an on going site that I add audio tracks on a weekly basis. I am also working on the Crystal Parrot site. The NFC/EFPClub site will be changing as time warrants, things are always changing with the NFC/EFPClub site all the time. It doesn't seem like much and there are other websites but, those companies have since closed down due to financial situations of those companies.
So, if you are serious about getting a website built for you for a cheaper rate than any other company. Contact me by clicking here.