The termite insect is the most active during warm April months and can be easily identified because they look just like the typical ant except they have wings. While these insects don’t actually do any harm to your home’s woodwork. Those termites that actually cause damage will be burrowing into your home to feed on the wood.

After this some of the next physical signs of a termite invasion include sawdust-remains, hollow sounding wood that was once solid wood.

Instead of attempting to solve the issue with a DIY approach, many of the most successful pest control companies take a serious approach and have all the equipment you could need to ensure the job is done properly.

The equipment that is needed to do the job right is quite costly, furthermore, a specific amount of skill and experience is needed to ensure the job is done right. Termite extermination involves the use of strong chemicals and this is yet another reason that hiring experts to handle the termite condition is the best way to ensure to you are never met with a termite problem again.

There are several types of termite treatment that an expert will apply to your needs, look over the following overview and see which method would work the best for you.

Types of Termite Treatment
-Spot Termite Treatment �” larger buildings will require a serious solution delivered on a small scale. Your pest control expert will drill some holes into the infected wood and pump a strong termiticide into the walls and effectively kill off the entire colony.
-Bait and Barrier Termite Treatment �” this process involves laying out barriers and baits to keep the infestation contained in a small area. Once the termite population has been cordoned off. A powerful termiticide will be pumped into the concentrated termite populations up to a depth of 4 feet below the ground. It will also be pumped into the walls themselves.

-Tent or Fumigation Treatment �” this form of termite eradication involves covering the entire structure with a tent and using a poisonous gas to kill off the termite population. Testing for termites allows the poison to permeate the the wood and kill all termites.

Typically the pest control technician will set the tent over the entire building and use a fan and hose system to pump the gas into the home, after this the gas must rest for a full 48 hours while the toxins do their work. It will be important to remove pets, plants, uncanned food, cosmetics as well as trim down the limbs and branches that could interfere with proper tenting

Tentless Termite Treatment �” while no type of termite treatment is actually convenient, Tentless Termite Treatment doesn’t require you to leave the premises or remove plants, animals, cosmetics and foods to a safer environment. You will also not have to worry about tree limbs or TV antennas that could interfere with the tenting process. Tentless Termite Treatment is ideal because it addresses the infestation and then allows the true home occupants to return to home life as quickly as possible.

One important Caveat is this, it is essential that your Tentless Termite Treatment be done by professionals in the business. It is quite possible to miss some corner and spot and then have the process start all over again.